Welcome to Numen Development, LLC!

We are a design and development firm focused on creating innovative spaces that are structurally, financially, and environmentally efficient!  All of our designs utilize re-purposed shipping containers as their primary structure.  We work with General Contractors across the country to bring our designs to fruition.

Getting started on your project is simple.

1.  If minimizing costs is key, you can purchase an existing Numen design and the coordinating Numen container mods which will be delivered to your site for assembly by your General Contractor.  This is by far the most budget-friendly way to create a beautiful container-based home!

2.  If you would like more flexibility, you can work with a Numen design consultant to plan something uniquely yours with existing Numen container mods.   This allows for personal creativity, but minimizes production costs by using existing mods.

3.  If you have specific ideas that are outside the scope of our existing offering, we can work with you to design custom container mods that will be fabricated and delivered to your site for assembly.  We currently have a 6 month waiting list for custom designs.


Our professionally designed plans reflect our experience with container homes in that they are dynamic AND easily constructed.

We are passionate about container designs and look forward to helping you make your vision into a reality.


nu·men /nū’mən/

1. A presiding divinity or spirit of a place.
2. Creative energy; genius.